Computing's Dark Matter

Supercomputing Everywhere Q: What do Mobile Edge Computing, Supercomputing at the Edge, NFV, Fog Computing, Cisco IOx and the dozens of about‑to‑pop‑up new buzzwords have in common? A: They’re about brainpowering the network, since networking by its very essence is a dumb transport realm disengaged from computing Pooled Network/Computing Flips The Internet/Cloud to being at The Edge. The unused computing power in “The Edge”, that is, the things of The Internet of Things and mobile devices is vastly greater than the entire Internet/Cloud.


Flashback to the `60’s General Bullmoose How IBM misjudged the PC revolution


On the applicability of wireless cluster carpets Building Blocks I’m constantly being asked tough questions, which is beneficial in stimulating the proverbial gray cells. The picture comes into clearer focus by breaking down to building blocks. Each block appears more