Had we started

Where would networking be today if… Let’s go back to the beginning of Ethernet (to keep it simple). Imagine that many developers began developing their own networking schemes between close proximity machines, but that all the code above the driver line was user space loadable, performance wasn’t an issue and for the time being, no need to communicate over long distances. Assume Open Source and that developers had community coding tools like Github at their disposal.

Pentadactyl from source

Freedom from mice with Pentadactyl Pentadactyl’s home page doesn’t do it justice. FFMF’s (Freedom From Mice Freaks) love it, but the stable version is out of date and documentation on how to use recent versions is sparse. Don’t tell 'em I told you, but using development versions isn’t all that risky Installing Pentadactyl from source cd in your home directory. git clone https://github.com/5digits/dactyl brings the whole dactyl suite.

Wild Quick Look & stuck boot

Emergency paddle when up the creek Scary System disk kept running out of space. Found that /var/vm, where the swap files appear was filling up with loads of swap files. Culprit was Quick Look whose memory usage was spiraling out of control, gobbling up all available system memory and obviously, forcing swapping in its wake. /var/folders had grown to over 2.4 GB. Apparently resulted from some corrupt cache file, but who cares?