Internet Outer Space

Expanding Bubbles

Computing is a repeating cycle of rapid development inevitably followed by a technological explosion which overwhelms all that was seen as technology’s cutting edge. Mainframe computing in it’s time was an expanding bubble which came to be encompassed within the newly exploding bubble of personal computing.

Bubbles in Bubbles

Internet was a rerun of the scenario to PCs just as mobile devices did to the Web - concentric expanding technology bubbles, each encompassing its inner bubbles. Before they existed, PCs were outer space to mainframe computers. Hardly anyone dreamed that the new, about-to-appear realm would be so immense. The web was outer space to PCs as were smartphones to the web - outer space before they existed.

So could today’s rapidly expanding Internet universe with billions of Internet of Things devices, future generation cellular and glittering array of new technologies become an inner bubble itself? The answer is a resounding yes, and soon.

Q: What caused the leap from one seemingly boundless universe to the next, ever larger one?

A: Each wave was based on a new, smaller, less expensive, more accessible, more programmable computing platform. The number of new computing platforms exponentially outnumbering those of the preceding wave.

See what computing platform could be smaller, more ubiquitous, less expensive, more programmable and vastly outstrip the billions of mobile and wireless devices in the world:

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